Hello world!♥

An introvert is what I call myself and writing is what gives voice to my thoughts. I like solitude, silence and keeping to myself, but give me a pen and paper, and BINGO! A completely different side of me comes to life, one who pens down all her wishes, thoughts, memories, imaginations and weaves them into the characters of her story. And that’s what this blog is about. A world of fiction- imaginations, feelings, dreams and reality too.

I write, not just when I’m sad or I’m happy. Writing is my drug and I love being high on it. “Scribo ergo sum” (I write, therefore I am)- that defines me. So, this little website here is much more than a blog for me. It’s my existence. You’ll find my amateur stories and poems right here, waiting to be read and felt.

Read the posts and let me know what you feel through the comments.