Would You?

Mornings begin with thoughts of you,
Nights don’t end without dreaming of you
Adorned with smiles and a blush
All my time is for you, my crush.

Always ready to go that extra mile for you,
A call is what it takes for me to rush to you
Problems or sorrows- you won’t have to put up a lone fight
For I would always be there, standing just to your right.

My love and care is what you are entitled to
But tell me, my love, would you do this too?
Would you be there when you don’t need me?
Would you also talk sweet nothings to me?

Would you think of me just like I do?
Or would you forget me too?
Would you talk only when you want to?
Or even when I need to talk to you?

Promises or gifts – I demand nothing from you
It’s just a little concern that would do.
So, my love, would you hold my hand,
And walk with me just as a friend?


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