Who are you?

Despite being a writer, I’ve never written about you and that has always been your complaint from me. So, today, I decided to give this a shot and give words to what I feel for you.

I think of what you mean to me. Are you just my love or my best friend too? Aren’t you the one who I owe most of my smiles to? Or the one from whom my tears don’t shy away? Are you the one who pushes me to my best? Or the one who makes me not want to quit?

Every time I try to write about you, these questions don’t let me. I fall short of words while answering these. But, today I have an answer. An answer that’s probably meagre of what you are to me.

You are my sunshine.

No, not just the one that lights up my life.

You are the winter sunshine. The sunshine that warms me when the winter chill breaks through my window panes. You’re the sunshine that catches hold of my hand and takes me out to the nature’s beauty. The one that gives me solace.

My sunshine.

My serendipity.

That’s what you are.


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