Leap of Faith

Why is it so difficult to listen to your heart and take that leap of faith? Every time I take a step forward to leap into what seems to be a valley of bliss, something pulls me back, anticipating an abyss of loneliness.

Every smile that the thought of you puts on my lips, wants me to go ahead and feel happiness again. But, then again I’m reminded of the unending sleepless nights spent crying. I want to move on and ahead, but I’m scared of being pulled back.

It took me a lot to move on from the pain, and I am not even sure if I have done so completely yet. The thought of it all coming back haunts me, scares me and stops me. The fear of being hurt stops me from falling in love again.

If at all someone is to be blamed, it’d be my crazy little heart. Yes, the heart that wants to love, but without being broken; the heart that longs to be loved, but without taking a step forward.

Also posted on The Anonymous Writer

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